Amazing Thai Yoga Therapy for the Hands: Reusi Dottan

Amazing Thai Yoga Therapy for the Hands: Reusi Dottan Based Restorative and Regenerative Yoga for Hands, Shoulders and Heart

Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy have been practiced as a vital part of Thailand's indigenous culture for thousands of Years. The ancient practices of Thai Reishi Yoga or Reusi Dottan provide the origin for the Thai Yoga therapy for the hands. The religious therapeutic techniques, as described in this manual, if performed properly and on a regular basis, can help to maintain inner well being, balance energy, relax the whole body and strengthen the soft and or connective tissues restoring and or maintaining the health of the the Arms and Upper Torso: most specifically focused on the fingers, wrists and shoulder girdle. These techniques are also all together a form of Chi Gung/ Prana Healing. Dr. Anthony B. James, Aachan and Master teacher has provided over 100 clear illustrations and photographs show not only what the various positions are but how to do them as a traditional Yoga vinyaysa or therapeutic flow.

The is the Hand Yoga Vinyasa taught in the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certificate program located at the NAIC; Thai Yoga Center in Brooksville, FL.


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Amazing Thai Yoga Therapy for the Hands: Reusi Dottan
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