Large Round Yoga Mat

Product Highlights

Introducing the 6' Round Yoga Mat! With this round yoga mat, there is no repositioning during your pose changes, enabling greater freedom of movement and flow during your yoga practice. The shape of the mat makes it ideal for fitness, Pilates, and yoga practice! As an added benefit, this mat is the perfect size for ''mommy and me'' yoga classes and activities, without the need for multiple mats or having to place your child on the bare floor.

Don't Come up Short!

When shopping around for a round yoga mat, be sure you get a true 6' round mat! There are many imitations on the market, most of which are only 5' in diameter and significantly thinner than 1/4'', some we have seen as little as 4.2mm in thickness -- considerably thinner than this mat at over 6mm. A 5' round mat will leave you hanging off the edge of the mat and desiring more mat!

Don't Be Square!

We have seen some 6' square mats trying to be a round mat. These mats do not allow the same ease of flow and fluid motion as you move from one asana to the next.

Get some color!

Our round yoga mats come in a variety of colors that are strong and vivacious, but not overpowering in their brightness. This superior exercise mat will add comfort to your yoga workouts. And because of its high quality, this mat will last longer than most standard foam mats.

Large Round Yoga Mat
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