Nuat Thai, Traditional Thai Medical Massage

Nuat Thai, Traditional Thai Medical Massage

This is the first book published in the English language in the United States on Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai Traditional Massage. Written and published by Master Practitioner Anthony B. James DM(P), ND(T), MD(AM) in 1983. It is still one of the most exhaustive resource on the oldest and most traditional source of Thai Style Hands on healing, The Buddhai Sawan and Wat Po Style. Most other forms of Thai healing therapies are derivatives and or relatives of this system.

This course material represents the personal study and apprenticeship of Aachan, Dr. James under two living legends and traditional Grand Masters of Traditional Thai Medicine and Thai Yoga... Phaa Khruu Samaii Mesamarn of the Buddhai Sawan School and Aachan Boontum Kitniwan of the Wat Chetuphon (Wat Po) schools. Aachan James was certified as the first western practitioner from the US to teach in these traditions in 1984. For a Bio of the Author go to: Aachan Anthony James

The book is actually a popular textbook and a practical teaching aid. It contains much information on the history and origins of the Thai work, as well as the philosophy that makes it unique. Copiously illustrated with both original photographs as well as hundreds of graphic illustrations. This is the book that started it all. This is the official Textbook of the SomaVeda: Level Two course titled "Ayurvedic Thai Yoga and Thai Massage".

ISBN 9781886338029 $37.00. 140 pgs.

Nuat Thai, Traditional Thai Medical Massage
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