Om Namo Shivago CD

Om Namo Shivago Audio CD. Now available for the first time! The complete unedited original Mantra to Shivago, the mythical founder of Traditional Thai Medicine and Thai Massage. This mantra or Pali language prayer and sacred invocation has blessed monks and lay healers in Thailand for over a thousand years.

Now you can hear it in it's entirety. Many Thai Massage schools, especially those focusing on the Northern methods recite this mantra every day, before and after class and before treatments. They usually do a "Short" version. An abbreviated form which is excerpted from the full mantra. Now you can hear, learn and be blessed by the full version! Included with this exceptional CD is an original recording of Theravada Buddhist monks reciting the famous "Morning Meditation" and invocation of the "Triple Gems". For more information on this Om Namo Shivago CD, visit http://www.OmNamoShivago.Com

This is an actual live recording made in person by Dr. Anthony B. James DM(P), ND(T), MD(AM) , PhD, RAAP of his teacher Aachan Sintorn Chaichagun founder of the Buntautuk Northern Hilltibes Provencial Hospital more commonly known as the "Old Medicine Hospital" in Chiangmai, Thailand with Aachan SIntorns permission and under his authority. It is presented unedited as an homage to the teacher and to the tradition he was giving his students access to. If your serious about Thai Yoga and Nuad Boran you need to learn this Mantra and share with your friends, family and client. It is a prayer for peace and for the well being of all living beings.

This is the very same healing Mantra taught exclusively at the NAIC: SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine: Thai Yoga Center as part of the SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® Thai Yoga Core Modality! See us at The Thai Yoga Center for more details.

Om Namo Shivago CD
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