Organic Cotton Thai Yoga Travel Mat with Removable Cover

Product Features

A full 3 feet wide!

Removable cotton cover

Made with organic cotton

Attached ties for easy storage

Thick, soft, and padded

Product Highlights

We call this our Back Pack or Bookshelf Thai Yoga Mat. That's because when not in use we can fold it and easily store it in a bag or on a bookshelf in our office! The Organic Cotton Thai Yoga/ Thai Massage Travel Yoga Mat is one of the nicest futon style yoga mats you'll ever see and is great for restorative yoga. It's made from organic cotton, a full 3 feet wide, and is extremely soft and comfortable. The mat has a removable cover that is also made from 100% organic cotton. It's filled with a generous 3'' of plush batting that is 80% organic and 20% chemical free cotton (this blend is used to create a smoother internal batting lining). The mat also has attached ties for easy roll-up and storage, plus comes with its own carrying strap. Because it is so portable, this yoga mat also makes a great sleeping mat to take with you on retreat. Overall size is 70'' long by 36'' wide by 3'' thick.

As yoga is, after all, about Satya (truthfulness), we have received feedback from customers that due to compression from packaging and shipping, the thickness of this product is more accurately described as being between 2 and 3 inches. (Due to variations in delivery area, shipping is not included and will be separately invoiced.)

Important! After you order, contact us to choose color and to arrange payment for freight at, Shipping and freight options are additional and not included in price. We cannot complete your order without a shipping estimate!

Organic Cotton Yoga Mat with Removable Cover
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