Thai Yoga Certified Practitioner Residential Program: CTP1

Advanced SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Certified Practitioner Program, CTP1 (month long residential intensive). This month plus long program will cover all five levels of the Basic Professional Thai Yoga Certification Program plus additional breakout and supplemental courses described below.

Are you ready for the next Level of Practice? Yes!

Have you considered becoming a Certified SomaVeda®: Thai Yoga Practitioner or Certified SomaVeda®: Thai Yoga Instructor? Yes!

Join SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and the Thai Yoga Center and Dr. James in beautiful Florida.

Sign up for the full month long program for a total immersion program or you may sign up for individual levels, (See 2017/ 2018) however levels four, and five (A , B) must be taken together. If you are unable to commit to the full CTP1 SomaVeda program, please consider joining us for a shorter term! We will allow drop in registrations for levels, 1, 2 and 3. Please call for details and assistance with individual course registrations.

We will allow drop in registrations for levels, 1, 2 and 3. This program may be divided up into 2 or more parts as necessary to enable the busy student to attend and complete the program. Please call for details and assistance with individual course registrations. (This program is central to our 1028 Hr. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher Certificate Program (TCP) . Click here for details of the SV-TCP.  The 200 Hour SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Program is approved for NCBTMB, NAICANCB Naturopathic CEU's.

1) SomaVeda® Fundamentals of Thai Yoga and Massage (Level One)

2) SomaVeda® Ayurvedic Thai Yoga (Level Two)

3) SomaVeda® Nuad Boran, The Northern Method (Level Three)

4) SomaVeda® Lines, Wheels and Points, SomaVeda® Theory (Thai Traditional Medicine/ Thai Traditional Massage: Cosmology, Sen Lines,

Assessments, Indications, Contra-indications, Chakra Theory and Astrology: Level Four)

5) SomaVeda® Level Five A , B: Clinical Applications and Development of specific programs for Clients based on Vedic Assessments and Guidelines.

Want to see what programs at TYC: FL at NAIC SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine Sanctuary are like? Click here for Photo's!!

Special!! Also, in addition to the amazing core curriculum fourteen additional protocols will be included in this awesome training at no extra fee! These courses alone could easily cost another $2,500.00 if taken separately. Why pay extra or separately for these valuable courses somewhere else? We will include them at no additional charge!

They will be:

1) SomaVeda™ Chair/Workplace Massage Certification. 2) SomaVeda™ Karma Yoga Program.(28 hours CEU) 3) SomaVeda™Table Thai Applications (Level One and Two both) 4) SomaVeda™Thai Massage for Multiple Therapists 5) SomaVeda™Breast Awareness Therapy Certification. (Breast Cancer awareness, care, prevention strategies and breast health information) 6) Buddhai Sawan No Usui Reiki Level One Attunement 7) New!! Intro to SomaVeda™ Bio-Tapp/ B.E.T (Bio-Neuro-Harmonics Emotional Freedom Technique: Touch, Balance and Attunement Technique.) 8)Walking and Hands Free Thai Massage! Invented by Dr. J as a specialty practice to help Massage Therapists with hand and arm stress and disability... this unique program shows you in details how to do professional sessions and virtually never have to use your hands! Save your self from Carpal Tunnel and repetitive stress disorders so common in today's massage world by learning how to work hands free! Knock off courses will try to charge you for this training... it is always free and included at no charge in every CTP. Since we first offered this hands free thai massage alternative training in 1992, we have never charged separately for it. Another reason SomaVeda™ serves both you and your clients 9) SomaVeda Thai Reishi Hand Yoga. 10) Eating: Food and nutrition issues, the good, bad and the ugly. 11) Intro to Holistic Health Practitioner Ayurveda: Survey of Natural Medicine Principles and practices. Relevant documentaries with discussion. And More!

That's correct... all fourteen separate additional certifications or $2,000.00 worth of additional training included when you commit to the full program!

Why are we offering so much for so little? Anyone who has ever taken class with Aachan James will tell you he is nothing if not generous! Aachan wants the Practitioner and Instructor programs to be the best, the most intensive and comprehensive trainings of this kind offered anywhere in the world! It's not just about listing and memorizing techniques and so called "trigger points". Trigger points are good information... however, we believe to truly handle pain and suffering the fundamental dissonance of essence and being manifesting the pain and suffering must be addressed. It's about the true teaching and transmission of knowledge and being via a living master associated with a living lineage and active line of transmission. Our program is not so much about technique as about transformational processes using the traditional tools we have been given permission to use. And use we will. Aachan says "Be what you know". In our programs you will learn and practice living the practice.

And More!

Because we are "On the land", we are afforded special opportunities for community development, personal transformation, meditation and healing activities and enjoyment of life! Included at no additional fee or charge: NAIC Healing/ Medicinal Gardens, Trails and Sacred Land. We are committed to preserving our heritage through the energy and healing technologies supported by the SCNM: Thai Yoga Center. What is SomaVeda®?

What about the instructors credentials and background to lead you in this incredible training?

Want to learn more about where Aachan is coming from? See the evidence of his life long devotion to teaching, healing and energy work. Review his credentials and background. We can guarantee that his certifications, credentials and recognitions as a teacher in Yoga, Oriental and Thai Traditions are equal to or more substantial than any one else in the world today! Don't take our word for it, see for yourself... Go to: Dr. Anthony B James.

A question? Why settle and train with someone who heard about it from someone? This is your opportunity to train with a "Source", a genuine Master in this work... why consider for a minute to go somewhere else? This program presents the possibility of gaining your own unique FIRST HAND experience, not someone else interpretation of what they think you need to know.

To see many books etc. authored by Aachan James Go To: http://www.BeardedMedia.Com

Classes will be held at the Thai Yoga Center and SomaVeda Institute located on the beautiful Oklevueha Native American Church SomaVeda Sanctuary and Botanical Garden. This is a dedicated 5.5 acre facility exclusively offering the full traditional Thai Yoga Practitioner and Teacher certification programs and diploma programs. Diploma programs run from 200 hrs. to over 5000 hrs as we are also a Florida State compliant Degree Granting Institution offering over four professional certificate and five college degree programs.  We sponsor trainings in US, Thailand and India for over 30 years. Thai Yoga Center programs are authentic, accredited, national and internationally recognized, accredited and absolutely practical. ( To see the current list of accreditations, recognitions etc. Click Here.) Additionally: Our SCNM-DSNM: Doctor of Sacred Natural Medicine Graduates are now eleigible to sit for the Naturopathic National Boards for Traditional Naturopath! We are the only Yoga Therapy and Indigenous Medicine based program with such recognition at this time. We can help you fully explore the practical expression of loving kindness "Raksaa Thang Nuad Boran Thai" (Thai Yoga and Ayurvedic massage healing science.)

Tuition for this month long retreat is $ 4,695.00

Be one of the first four to enroll or register and January, March, June, September, November start date and your tuition could be reduced by 90+ %!. (Conditions apply , see below.)*

Materials fee is is separate: $269.00 for all workbooks, text, posters and materials required. Call us today! This is your only chance for a full and complete training in the Ancient Spiritual Traditions revealed in SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and massage including Nuad Boran in only 27 days! This is your chance to work directly on a day to day basis with an acknowledged Master Instructor and Traditional Lineage Holder who is committed to sharing insight and practical knowledge in a personal way.

Full payment does include all offered courses and camping housing. It does not include food or necessary materials... (You must stay at TYC, either Main dorm, Semi-private or camping to qualify for the Grant/ Scholarship and or reduced tuition offer.) We do have limited shared accommodations and camping available.

Special Note! If you are not able to qualify for the scholarship because you really need a private dorm or other in-house type of accommodation do not despair! There are numerous off site accommodations, nearby motels and hotels available. If you elect to stay off site we will still be able to offer you an incredibly low tuition for the full CTP1 program! Simply call for the current tuition for off site or Student at Large registrations.

Time: 9 am to 6pm every day. - Location: SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine: The Thai Yoga Center, located  in beautiful Brooksville, Florida 34602 (Call for Directions or MapQuest)

Contact:  NAIC, Inc. Call Now!! (706) 358-8646, Email - (Early registration Discounts apply).

Certification will be issued: NAIC, NCBTMB, ANCB, CEU (For a complete list of approvals click here)

*Does not include textbook fee, Lab/ Materials fee. Total extra fee $269.00 for all 5 primary courses and the three breakouts included.

Still not sure? Would you like to see photo's from previous trainings we have conducted?

Click Here for Photo's!

Can't make it to the next program? Remember, you have 1 full year from date of registration to complete your 200 hours!

The Next Scheduled CTP Start Dates?

1) June 2017

2) September 2017

3) November 2017

4) January 2018

5) March 2018




 Address: 5401 Saving Grace Ln, Brooksville, FL 34602

Julie at (706) 358-9705

Contact Email


** Please note that any Grants/ Scholarships, Tuition reduction offers are subject to availability and other conditions and may be exchanged, upgraded or altered at any time without notice. NAIC Inc. agrees only to furnish the equivilent or greater value of any specific items listed as bonuses for specific dates, classes and or programs. These bonus offering are meant to be an offer of generosity and to aid the student in saving money and having access to educational and professional support materials.

* In order to participate in a TYC program you must specify that your an adult over the age of 21. You must stay at TYC, You must pay for either dorm or camping to qualify for the Reduced Tuition offer. Required housing is dorm/ shared room and does not include food/ meals etc. Camping is also available. For possible cancellation and or refund purposes all monies paid to program for any reason will be constituted/ considered as tuition and educational expense exclusively. All 15 break out courses in the CTP and included housing are combined as one cost/ expense and purchase. Any and all payments made in order to guarantee or secure a reduction in tuition for any program are deemed 100% non refundable except as a result of an emergency medical condition. Please note: You must agree to these terms as a precondition to being issued any scholarship, discount or registration for any program. If you can not agree to these terms , do NOT register. For detailed description of Cancellation and refund policies, we recommend that you read the entire policy as it is a precondition to be accepted as an enrolled student for any and all NAIC, Inc./ TYC sponsored programs either international or domestic. To review or select the housing plan that works best for you, go to Thai Yoga Center Housing Page. The included housing described in this offering is for CAMPING only. Upgrades may be available at additional cost.

Thai Yoga Certified Practitioner Residential Program: CTP1
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