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132 Hour SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and Thai Massage Certified Thai Practitioner Training & Certificate of Completion Home Study/ Distance Learning Program To Gain experience and practice in SomaVeda® Thai Yoga!


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With Home Study You can now learn your Certification in SomaVeda Thai Yoga any time from anywhere! You can start today!

Thai Yoga Center CTP program requirements

About the Program: Indigenous Thai Yoga, (Indigenous Traditional Thai Massage), also known as nuad boran, is a religious therapeutic and ancient healing art that can be learned and practiced by anyone with an open mind, compassionate heart and a desire to help others. We offer all levels from Intro Workshop to get the basics to Certified Master Practitioner or earn your CTP (Certified Thai Practitioner) status. With this comprehensive Home Study/ Distance Learning training and program you can help your clients, friends or family. There is no pre-requisite, just a sincere desire to learn and use Yoga science to reduce suffering and be of service to others.

This is the original Thai Yoga certification first brought to the US in 1983. Designed and supervised by an Aachan, Master Teacher and Doctor of Natural Medicine and OMD.

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is suitable for: Yoga practitioners, Yoga teachers, Bodyworkers, Shiatsu, Rolfers, Trager Practitioners, Naturopath's, OMD's, Chiropractors, Herbalist, Colon Therapists, Physical Therapists, DO's, Reiki Practitioners, Energy Healers, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Psychotherapists, Massage Therapists, Myomassologists, Traegar, NMT or Neuromuscular Therapists as well as Lay and or Spiritual practitioners.

Basically anyone, with any background, wanting to learn and or incorporate the healing science of SomaVeda Thai Yoga and Thai Massage into their life and practice.

Thai Yoga Practitioner, CTP, Certification Program Includes

Home Study/ Distance Learning SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Certified Practitioner Program: CTP (132 hour non- residential intensive). This program will cover all five levels of the Basic Professional Thai Yoga Certification Program plus eleven additional breakout and/or supplemental courses described below.

132 Contact Hour Home Study Requirements - All Training's are Florida State DOE Commission on Higher Education, NCBTMB and NAIC Approved
Foundations Trainings Included
Level I: Fundamentals Training
Level 2: Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Training

Level 4: Thai Traditional Medicine Theory: Advanced Training: Lines, Wheels and Points, SomaVeda® Theory (Cosmology, Sen Lines, Assessments, Indications, Contra-indications, Chakra Theory and Astrology: Level Four), Includes all 17 Lines PodCast(25 hours of lecture by Aajan James) and a Free 4Gb USB Thumb Drive!
Level 5: Advanced Training: Clinical Applications and Development of specific programs for Clients based on Vedic Assessments and Guidelines.
= 132 Core Contact Hours

Special!! Also, in addition to the amazing core curriculum thirteen additional protocols will be included in this awesome training at no extra fee! These courses alone could easily cost another $2,000.00 if taken separately. Why pay extra or separately for these valuable courses somewhere else? We will include them at no additional charge!

They will be:
1) SomaVeda® Chair/Workplace "Golden Triangle Rejuvenations."(DVD)
2) SomaVeda® Clinic and Practicum. (Log Book)
3) SomaVeda® Table Thai Applications (Level Basic and Advanced both)(DVD)
4) SomaVeda® Bio-Tapp/ B.E.T. (Bio-Neuro-Harmonics Emotional Freedom Technique: Touch, Balance and Attunement Technique.)(E-Book)
5) SomaVeda® Walking Yoga and Hands Free Thai Yoga! Invented and first taught by Dr. J as a specialty practice to help Massage Therapists with hand and arm stress and disability... Now widely emulated, this unique program shows you in details how to do professional sessions and virtually never have to use your hands! Save your self from Carpal Tunnel and repetitive stress disorders so common in today's massage world by learning how to work hands free! Knock off courses will try to charge you for this training... it is always free and included at no charge in every CTP. Since we first offered this hands free Thai Yoga, Thai Massage alternative training in 1992, we have never charged separately for it. Another reason SomaVeda® serves both you and your clients! (MP4 Video)
6) SomaVeda® Thai Reishi Hand Yoga. (MP4 Video)
7) Eating: Food and nutrition issues, the good, bad and the ugly. (Book and DVD)
8)  NAIC Legal Guidelines for SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioners. (PDF E-book)
9) What is Thai Massage? (E-Book)
10) Healing Cancer from Within. (Book and DVD)

11) Over 150 additional training Video's and Audio lectures many over 1 hour in length!

12) Access to our Thai Yoga Mastery Library with over 100 helpful and informative research papers and Articles by Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James

= 40 Adjunct Contact Hours (Occur simultaneously with Core classes)

That's correct... all fourteen separate additional courses or $2,000.00 worth of additional training included FREE when you commit to the full program!

Complete this program and attend a Live/ Hands On Thai Yoga Practitioner Certificate program and receive additional Competancy Based Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner Certification at the 200 hour level!(Our Live program offers NCBTMB CE Hours for Massage Therapy.)

Why are we offering so much for so little? Anyone who has ever taken class with Aachan, Dr. Anthony B James will tell you he is nothing if not generous! Aachan wants the Practitioner and Instructor programs to be the best, the most intensive and comprehensive trainings of this kind offered anywhere in the world! It's not just about listing and memorizing techniques and so called "trigger points". Trigger points are good information... however, we believe to truly handle pain and suffering the fundamental dissonance of essence and being manifesting the pain and suffering must be addresed. It's about the true teaching and transmission of knowledge and being via a living master associated with a living lineage and active line of transmission. Our program is not so much about technique as about transformational processes using the traditional tools we have been given permission to use. And use we will. Aachan says "Be what you know". In our programs you will learn and practice living the practice.

Thai Yoga Program Certification for Thai Yoga and Thai Massage Practitioner
As soon as you register you will receive a FREE NAIC Authorized Participant Membership. NAIC Authorized Participant Membership gives you the legal rights to begin your practice non-commercially. 

Please Note: In order to practice professionally you will need to complete the live 200 Hour SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Certificate program at the Thai Yoga Center. On graduation you are then eligible for NAIC Authorized Full Member legal authorization and are then able to practice your SomaVeda® Thai Yoga legally anywhere in the US and Canada!

100% of your CTP Home Study Tuition counts towards your participation in any live CTP course at the Thai Yoga Center!

Please Note! Certifcate of Completionin the Basic Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner: Home Study/ Distance Learning Program 132 Hour Practitioner Training & Certificate Program with NAIC, Inc. and Aachan, Anthony B. James DNM(P), ND, MD(AM), OMD, PhD, RAAC.

132 Hour Program Completion Benefits Include:
• Receiving your Certifcate of Completion of the entire program for your credentials
• Being listed on ThaiYogaCenter.Com Practitioner Directory as a Certified Basic Thai Practitioner
• Discounts (when applicable) on further Thai Yoga and Thai Massage trainings at the Thai Yoga Center
• Discounts and advanced notice on trips to study abroad in Thailand (ThailandStudyTours.Com)
• Approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. (Live courses only)
• CEs for each course through both Florida State and the Oklevueha NACS  for Licensed Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers  and or Commissioned, Pastoral Vocational , Medical Doctors or other Authorized and or Licensed providers.
• CEs for each course through NAIC for Thai Yoga and Energy Arts based Therapists
• Eligibility to apply for Full 200 CE hour Practitioner Level Membership with NAIC to earn your CTP*

Now includes on-line access to the complete NAIC Member Library! Over 170 Video's, e-books and audio lectures to further facilitate your understanding and practice.

Thai Yoga Students practice Yoga daily
Daily Yoga Enhances Practice!

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With Home Study You can now learn your Certification in SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga any time from anywhere! You can start today!

Apprentice with an Aachan and Master Thai Yoga Teacher!


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Thai Yoga Home Study/ Distance learning Practitioner Program
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