Zafu Kapok Economy

Heavyweight, 100% cotton fabric - The outer cover is made of twill, often used for pants and overalls. The inner casing is unbleached 100% cotton muslin.


Natural, biodegradable filling - Kapok or buckwheat hull. Kapok, a plant fiber, will not lump or mat like cotton and is more resilient. Kapok provides firm support, while buckwheat hulls conform to the shape of your body. The air pockets between the buckwheat hulls permit airflow to keep you cool.


Adjustable firmness - The zipper under the handle of the buckwheat-filled cushion allows you to adjust the amount of buckwheat to suit your preference for firmness.


The Zafu has a convenient handle for toting, ideal for the mobile meditator.\Want a zafu with a washable cover® Order our deluxe version with a convenient drawstring cover you can machine wash.


Measures 14" diameter by 7" high.


Shipping cost for mats is not included in the price. For shipping cost and options, please call or email before ordering.

Zafu Kapok Economy
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